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The Trust was established in 1983 to keep the archives of the Leeds Model Company and R. F. Stedman & Company. Today the Trust provides a service of spares, repairs and technical advice to LMC enthusiasts and continues to promote interest in and appreciation of the products of The Leeds Model Company, founded by Rex Stedman in 1912, and which ceased to trade in 1967.

David K. Peacock, Co- proprietor, Trustee and Archivist
Marcus D. Peacock, Co-proprietor and Trustee

Reginald Frederick (Rex) Stedman
1893 -1959

Latest News


Leeds Model Company Day – Tappers Bromley July 18th

Many thanks to Graham Lock and the members of Tappers, and to all who visited
and made the Leeds Model Company day excellent and memorable!

We were able to display most of the LST Archive and run many of the locomotives
and items of rolling stock. Visiting engines and stock complemented the running
schedules on David Davenport's splendid layout.

Due to the effort involved this will probably be the last outing for the full
archive of the Trust, but look out for future notices of smaller displays and
themed operating sessions at variouis venues


Mills Bros. of Sheffield were both competitors and collaborators with the
LMC. Malcolm Harrison, as much an enthusiast for their products as I am for
those of the LMC, continues with the compilation of an impressive website, and you are most welcome to use the link from this
site to view his work and to contact him.



Bogie wheelsThe Bogieman Cometh!

No, not the proverbial bogeyman but a fresh supply of the tinplate pressings required for our replica LMC bogies originally supplied for the litho coach and van range. These are supplied ready to run fitted with LMC replica blacked hard white metal wheels press fitted onto silver steel axles. (Wheels can be set to your back to back requirements). Axleboxes are press fitted white metal. Price £20.00 per bogie

Our replica of the 1935 series cast bogies continues to be available.

The sides are cast in pewter which is stronger for this application than white metal. As for the tinplate bogies the bogies are fitted with LMC replica blacked hard white metal wheels press fitted onto silver steel axles. (The  standard back to back for these bogies is 28mm, but wheels can be set to your back to back requirements).The bogies are supplied ready to run at £25.00 per bogie.

The bogies are also supplied in kit form minus wheels, requiring painting and assembly with 4 x 9BA screws (supplied). Price per kit is £12.00.

These 8ft wheelbase cast bogies were originally introduced to run under the LMC range of Bakelite coaches, but were also used on the last supplied LMS litho coaches, the post 1946 ‘Rigid-litho’  LMS coach, the Pullman Coaches and ‘Nettle’ the Sentinel-Cammel rail car.




'The Leeds Model Company 1912 -2012'

This book can only be obtained directly from the Leeds Stedman Trust.  If you wish to obtain a copy please use the Contact page on this website. The book is priced at £19.95 per copy plus £2.55 post and packing.

The book (128 pages), with both colour and black and white illustrations and with 24 chapters and 19 appendices, covers every aspect of the company history and products.  An accompanying DVD has two video programmes, 'The Leeds Stedman Trust' made for the Gauge 0 Guild  by David Peacock and Jack Ray, and 'Augurswell and Great Blessingsby', the Trust layout, made by David Peacock and Chris Pettit. The disc also carries as a CD a high quality photograph of every locomotive and item of rolling stock held in the Trust archive

Reviewers have said…..

 ….nothing is missed out and it is written in an easy to read style, with plenty of pictures….  a much needed book by an expert on the subject.   I strongly recommend it.    Pat Hammond, Train Collectors Society

….a definitive history of the LMC ….a most welcome addition to the library of anyone interested in the history of model railways. ….excellent value too.
                              John Ingram, The Bassett Lowke Society

…well constructed and the illustrations are generally of high quality….there is much here to grab your interest….I ended up reading it cover to cover.
                               John Kneeshaw, The Gauge 0 Guild

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